Salami or cervelatwurst? What's the difference?



The difference between cervelat sausage and salami is clearly in the taste, but actually almost all pizzerias cheat with cervelat sausage. If you order a pizza salami, you usually get a pizza cervelatwurst.

Zervelatwurst – Wikipedia

Cervelatwurst is much cheaper than real salami and in my small town there are about 20 pizzerias with real salami.

Salami – Wikipedia

A pizza calzone or pizza salami lives from the taste of the salami. Cervelatwurst, on the other hand, only tastes like water with no taste.

How disgusting it is to offer a pizza cervelatwurst as a pizza salami.

As good as every pizzeria operator cheats.

When we ask the pizzerias, there is usually only one answer: we only get cervelat sausage from our suppliers even though we order salami.

The pizzeria operators probably never eat their own pizza or are Muslims and are not even allowed to do so, otherwise you would notice that a pizza with salami or calzone with cervelat sausage just tastes disgusting.

The rule of law doesn't care about any of this, as is usually the case, the main thing is that the money gets in.

Don't be fooled and don't eat the disgusting Cervelatwurst, rather buy a Gut und Güntig Salami Pizza and prepare it in a pizza oven like the Ferrari G3. This tastes much better than any Cervelatwurst pizza.

Bon appetit.

Salami sausage, cut in half, salami and cervelatwurst, fraud and cheating on pizza. Allegedly the suppliers are to blame. Rotten sausage and bad quality at pizzerias.