- The culinary companion for Italian restaurants. will introduce you to the culinary world of Italy. The pages of contain many opportunities for going out, going out for a romantic Italian meal and partying in Italian restaurants. The directory of introduces you to the online culinary world.


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The culinary diversity of the Italian pizza world.

Experience the culinary world of pizza with a wide variety of tastes and pleasures.

Of course, Italian restaurants and pizzerias also offer typical Italian small baked goods such as pizza rolls or salads. 

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In addition to pizza, there are also different pasta dishes that are offered in the restaurants. Whether it's lasagne, gratins or spaghetti bolognaise, there's always something for everyone. 

The culinary guide takes you into a world of Italian pleasures and desires.

Pizza-Curator lists many Italian restaurants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Pizza-Curator and the network offer descriptions of places where you can eat well.

At Pizza-Curator you get information about restaurants summarized in a compact way, including the phone number to simply click and call.

Calling for delivery is the quickest and easiest way to order food. is not an operator of restaurants but only provides information to help the community to have great dining experiences.


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The culinary companion takes you into a world of pleasure and longing.

The Snack-Online Directory contains many pages of snack bars, pizzerias and restaurants.

Snack-Online has the right restaurant or snack bar for everyone.

Pizza and many other things at Snack Online