Top list of the best pizza in Rotterdam

If you're looking for a delicious pizza in Rotterdam, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, I bring you my top list of the best pizza restaurants in the city that you should definitely try. Whether you like classic margherita, spicy salami or creative combinations, you will find something for every taste here. Be inspired by these culinary tips and enjoy a delicious pizza in Rotterdam!

1. La Pizza: This cozy restaurant in the center of Rotterdam offers authentic Italian wood-fired pizza. The crust is thin and crunchy, the toppings are fresh and quality, and the choices are varied. Try, for example, the pizza tartufo with truffle cream, mushrooms and Parma ham or the pizza capricciosa with ham, artichokes and olives. La Pizza also has a nice terrace where you can enjoy your pizza outside.

2. Sugo: If you fancy something different, you should try Sugo. This restaurant specializes in pizza al taglio, a rectangular pizza sold by weight. The pizza is baked with a special flour that contains fewer carbohydrates and more protein, making it easier to digest. The toppings are creative and change daily depending on the season and availability. For example you can find pizza with salmon, spinach and ricotta or pizza with pumpkin, feta and walnuts.

3. Old Scuola: This hip restaurant in the industrial area of Rotterdam serves Neapolitan pizza with a modern twist. The pizza is prepared with a long fermentation process that gives the dough an intense flavor. The toppings are local and organic, and often surprising. For example, how about a pizza with pear, gorgonzola and walnuts or a pizza with beetroot, goat cheese and honey? Old Scuola also has a cool bar where you can sip delicious cocktails and craft beers.


4. De Pizzabakkers: This restaurant has several branches in Rotterdam and is known for its crispy wood-fired pizza. The Pizzabakkers only use fresh ingredients from Italy and make their own mozzarella. The menu offers classic and original pizzas, such as the Pizza Carbonara with egg, bacon and pecorino or the Pizza Zucca with pumpkin cream, sage and pecans. For dessert you can treat yourself to a sweet pizza with Nutella or mascarpone.

5. O'Pazzo: This elegant restaurant in the heart of Rotterdam is more than just a pizzeria. O'Pazzo also offers refined Italian cuisine, with dishes such as risotto, pasta and fish. But the pizza is definitely worth trying. The pizza is baked the traditional way, with a thin base and a thick crust. The toppings are classic and tasty, such as the Pizza Quattro Formaggi with four different types of cheese or the Pizza Diavola with spicy salami and pepperoni.

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