Top list of the best pizzas in Dortmund

If you are looking for a delicious pizza in Dortmund, you are spoiled for choice. The city offers a wide variety of pizzerias, catering for all tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer a classic margherita, a luscious calzone or an exotic creation, you are guaranteed to find the right pizza for you here. In this blog post we present our top list of the best pizzas in Dortmund, based on the reviews from Tripadvisor and


1. Mr. Pizza
Mr. Pizza is a small but fine pizzeria on Wilhelmstraße that convinces with fresh ingredients and a crispy dough. The menu offers a variety of traditional and contemporary pizzas, which you can also customize to suit your tastes. The portions are generous and it is excellent value for money. Many customers consider Mr. Pizza to be the best pizza outside of Italy.

2. L'Osteria Dortmund
L'Osteria Dortmund is a popular Italian restaurant on Bückstrasse, known for its huge pizzas. The pizzas have a diameter of 45 cm and can be halved or served with different toppings on request. The quality of the ingredients is high and the taste is authentic. The service is friendly and quick, and the atmosphere is cozy and lively.

3. Pizzeria Regina
Pizzeria Regina is a family-run pizzeria on M&uum;nsterstraße that has been in existence for over 30 years. The pizzeria offers a wide range of tasty pizzas baked in the stone oven. The pizzas are thin and crispy and the toppings are fresh and varied. The pizzeria also has a delivery service that is fast and reliable.

4. Pizzeria De Rosa
Pizzeria De Rosa is a cozy pizzeria on Schüuferstrasse that scores with a family flair. The pizzeria offers an uncluttered menu of classic and creative pizzas, all made with fresh dough and quality ingredients. The pizzas are moist and flavorful, and the portions are reasonable. The pizzeria also has a pick-up service, which is convenient and cheap.

5. Pizzeria Sole Mio
Pizzeria Sole Mio is a cheap and tasty pizzeria on Hörder Bahnhofstrasse, which is especially popular with students. The pizzeria offers a variety of pizzas, all topped with a thin crust and a rich tomato sauce. The pizzas are big; and tasty, and the choice of toppings is varied. The pizzeria also has a delivery service that is fast and reliable.

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