Top List of the best Pizza in Detroit

Detroit's Best Pizza Places: A Top List

Detroit is not only home to the automotive industry, but also a city with a rich and diverse pizza culture. Whether you fancy a crispy Detroit-style pizza, a fluffy Neapolitan pizza or a classic New York-style pizza, Detroit has a pizzeria to suit every taste. Here are some of Detroit's best pizza places to try.

1. Supino Pizzeria
Supino Pizzeria is a casual and easy-going pizzeria serving east coast pizza in east Detroit. In addition to pizza, Supino also offers Italian salads and appetizers, as well as a selection of good and cheap Italian wines and beers. The pizza is topped with fresh ingredients and baked in a wood-fired oven, giving it a crispy crust and moist topping. The menu offers both classic and creative combinations, such as the Bismarck pizza with egg, bacon and parmesan or the City Wing Thing pizza with chicken, blue cheese and hot sauce.

Address: 2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI, 48207
Phone: (313) 567-7879


2. Niki's Pizza
Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, just one block from Greektown Casino, Niki's Pizza is known for its Detroit-style pizza with a Greek flair. The pizza is baked in a rectangular sheet pan lined with oil, which gives the dough a crispy crust. The pizza is then topped with cheese to the brim, topped with tomato sauce and sprinkled with a variety of Greek and traditional toppings. Niki's Pizza was voted one of America's 25 Best Pizzas by GQ Magazine. In addition to pizza, you can also enjoy authentic Greek dishes such as saganaki (flambéed cheese), gyros or moussaka at Niki's.

Address: 735 Beaubien St, Detroit, MI, 48226
Phone: (313) 961-4303

3. The Detroit Pizza Bar
The Detroit Pizza Bar is a modern and hip pizzeria that offers both round and square pizzas. The pizzas are topped with quality ingredients ranging from cheese and meat to lobster and crab meat. The menu offers over a dozen specialty pizzas, such as the Temptations pizza with mozzarella, cheddar, pepperoni, ham, bacon and sausage or the Prairie pizza with broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots and other vegetables. The Detroit Pizza Bar also has a profit-sharing model, where a portion of the profits are given to employees.

Address: 1436 Woodward Ave., Detroit MI 48226
Phone: (313) 962-7888

4. Bigalora Cucina
Bigalora Cucina is an elegant and stylish pizzeria that serves Neapolitan pizza in a casual setting. The pizzas are made from a sourdough dough that gives them an airy and spongy texture. The pizzas are then baked in a wood-fired oven that operates at a temperature of over 400 degrees Celsius. The result is thin and crispy pizzas with a slightly burned edge and a moist topping. The pizzas are topped with original ingredients such as roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta or smoked salmon with cream cheese. Bigalora Cucina also offers other Italian dishes such as pasta, salads and desserts.

Address: 711 S Main St, Royal Oak, MI
Phone: (248) 544-2442

5. Woodward Avenue Brewers
Woodward Avenue Brewers is a popular Ferndale brewery and pizzeria offering Detroit-style pizza with fun and bohemian toppings and lots of vegan options. One example is the McLovin' pizza, a white pizza topped with ground beef, mozzarella, cheddar, fresh iceberg lettuce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds with an "awesome sauce" modeled after a certain fast-food hamburger. Woodward Avenue Brewers works with Michigan & Trumbull, a Detroit-style pizza joint currently relocating to the Elijah McCoy neighborhood. In the meantime, round pizzas (unfortunately no Detroit-style pizzas during this transition period) can be ordered here Thursday through Sunday.

Address: 22646 Woodward Ave., Ferndale MI 48220
Phone: (248) 546-3696

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