Dimond Slice Pizza in Oakland

Dimond Slice Pizza is a cozy and delicious restaurant in the heart of Oakland specializing in authentic Italian pizza. Whether you fancy a classic Margherita, a spicy salami or a creative veggie, you are guaranteed to find the perfect pizza to suit your taste here.

Tel: +15108428773

The restaurant was opened in 2015 by brothers Marco and Luca, who come from Naples and brought their passion for pizza with them to California. They use only fresh ingredients, homemade dough and a traditional wood-fired oven to prepare their crispy and juicy pizzas. The portions are generous and the prices are fair, so you can eat your fill without feeling guilty.

In addition to pizza, Dimond Slice also offers other Italian specialties such as pasta, salads, soups and desserts. Try, for example, the lasagna with minced beef and béchamel sauce, the mixed salad with mozzarella and tomatoes or the tiramisu with mascarpone and espresso. You can choose from a selection of drinks, such as wine, beer, lemonade or coffee.


Dimond Slice Pizza is an ideal place for a relaxed and enjoyable visit, whether you come alone, with friends or with family. The ambience is friendly and inviting, the service is quick and attentive, and the music is pleasant and unobtrusive. The restaurant is open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and also offers a delivery service if you prefer to eat at home.

So if you are looking for an authentic and delicious pizza in Oakland, be sure to try Dimond Slice Pizza. You will not regret it! Visit the snack-online.com website to learn more about the restaurant and to make a reservation.